MJS Boat Transport

About us

MJS Boat Transport is a specialist boat transport company based in Scotland. We provide a quality trailer-towing service to professionally transport motorboats and yachts up to 20 tonnes in weight throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. We can liase with any marina, harbour or storage location to arrange careful loading or unloading of vessels on your behalf. We can also transport your boat on your own trailer if required. Don't hesitate to check our partner who speak about law exemption : https://www.loi-malraux-monuments-historiques.fr/.


Towing Vehicles

For safe transport of our customer’s boats we use two types of purpose designed vehicles. Firstly there is our Volvo Globetrotter 40 tonnes tractor unit that is used to tow our new and purpose designed 3-axle boat trailer allowing us to safely and legally transport motorboats and yachts up to 20 tonnes in weight. The Volvo runs on air suspension to enable us to take extra care of customer’s motorboats and yachts. For smaller and lighter boats and yachts we use a purpose equipped Landrover Discovery capable of legally towing 3.5 tonnes. This vehicle is also fitted with air suspension and a Tachograph to comply with UK and European legislation. All our vehicles are operated as follows: Full Comprehensive insurance cover, Full Goods in Transit insurance cover, Full Public Liability insurance cover, Abnormal load and travel permits are held for all applicable countries, Tachographs are fitted to all our vehicles, including the Landrovers, to compy with UK and European legislation, Adjustable towbar couplings are fitted to accommodate any trailer height position.

The Trailers

Our new specially designed tri-axle trailer is built to our own specifications. It incorporates the latest design technology including air suspension, advanced braking systems and LED lighting. Our smaller boat trailers are also built to our own specification and are fitted with rubber suspension and LED lighting. They also incorporate the latest security equipment.

Scot Yachts

Since we started using MJS Boat Transport to collect new boats from our suppliers, and also to carry out deliveries on behalf of our clients throughout the UK and Europe, we have been very impressed with their level of service and also their professionalism. Their attention to detail and their willingness to assist in the overall organising of the collection and delivery operation is recognised both by ourselves at Scot Yachts and our valued clients. They have excellent communication skills and we would highly recommend MJS Boat Transport to carry out the safe transportation of your motorboats and yachts.

Campbell Hay and Hugh Stewart "Helen Rose"

In September 2008 we required our new Regal 26 Sportscruiser 'Helen Rose', on its own new trailer, to be collected from Windsor on the Thames and delivered to Largs Yachthaven. We contacted Mike Szraga from MJS Boat Transport who, without any fuss, made all the arrangements to collect and deliver our motor cruiser to its new home on the Clyde. On arrival he spent a considerable time passing on all the details of the boat from the previous owner. We were so impressed with the professional and helpful service that when the time came to sell our boat, 'Tigger' we had no hesitation in contacting MJS Boat Transport to deliver the boat, again on its own trailer, down to Cookham on the Thames.

David Wisdish "Ponteneur"

This time they loaded both the Bayliner Sportscruiser and its trailer onto their own new mini-artic vehicle for the long journey south. The new owner contacted us to say how pleased he was with the professional and personal service supplied. We would both like to say a big thank you to Mike and would highly recommend MJS Boat Transport for all your boat movements.

Ian Dyson Brite Spark

I recently required my sports cruiser collected from Glasgow, Scotland and delivered down to Malaga in Spain at very short notice. I contacted Mike Szraga of MJS Boat Transport who quickly and professionally organised every detail for me including the collection and loading of my boat, all the relevant documentation, the ferry crossing to France and the safe onwards delivery of my boat to its final destination at Malaga in Spain.

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